Civics Education

The CBA's Civics Education program helps give students throughout Connecticut a better insight into the United States legal system. Attorneys looking to share their passion for the law can volunteer for the CBA's civics education programs, no matter how short or long their time commitment may be. Opportunities include:

  • Adult Civic Education, which covers a wide range of areas, from wiretapping to eminent domain, so that students can better understand the intricacies of civics and American government;
  • The Connecticut Court Visitation Program, where students witness real-life criminal court proceedings;
  • Bill of Rights in Action, in which students gain a more solid understanding of how the U.S. Constitution affects their lives;
  • Mock Trial Competitions, co-sponsored by Civics First Inc., for which volunteers serve as judges and coaches as middle and high school students compete against other Connecticut schools in a battle of courtroom wits, right in the classroom;
  • Constitution Day, A yearly celebration remembering the formation and signing of the U.S. Constitution on September 17, 1787;

For more information on the programs or to volunteer, please contact the Connecticut Bar Association at (860)612-2025 or